Real Sorry State

In the papers today the headline reads “A BLOODY WARNING“. An entire family is gunned down including a Woman Police Officer. Suddenly the Police Commissioner, Trevor Paul, declares war on criminals; WTF was he doing all the time when the rest of the population was suffering and being attacked.

There are calls for a country-wide shutdown, but there seems to be little support. Big businesses are not supporting it (less money for them) with both the Chamber of Commerce and TTMA saying that it is business as usual and this form of action is not acceptable. The COC and TTMA says that they are working with law enforcement and the government to help alleviate crime. Let me ask, has that helped? All they do is talk and talk.

I say it is time for action, some real action. I too don’t believe that shutting down the country would help, besides I think it is more politically motivated than anything. We need something that would affect them politicians themselves. I say let we stop paying taxes, everybody. If we doh work, ent we doh get pay, so why we paying dem.

The next step is some serious civil disobedience, but let we not go there yet.

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