My New Job

Well it’s going into the fourth week in my new job. For those who don’t know, I’ve gone back to the IT service industry as a Solutions Architect (my old job was as a Network Manager for the company). Honestly, I still not know what a Solution Architect is really supposed to do, but right now I am just going with the flow; I should be able to figure it out soon I hope.

So anyway, it is going okay for now, just need to do a lot of certification exams since I let that lapse quite some time ago. So far I redid my CCNA and got 100%, which made me felt good since I though I would be quite rusty.

As for our customers, it’s been more government agencies, which in my opinion sucks ass. I won’t say much else, but just know that I don’t like them much.
Besides that, the place is good. It has been much less stressful than at my old company… much much less stressful.

Let’s see how everything progresses.


  1. Hey Pazmanpro……..
    nice to hear you’re enjoying your new job and that it’s much less stressful…

    hopefully i will see some positive results of that “less stress” environment!

    good luck and enjoy!

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