I came home on Wednesday night to find out that my land-line phone was not working. I forgot to call it in until yesterday (Saturday 11th), mainly since I really don’t use my land-line and use my cellphone instead. Also, my DSL was working, so I was not bothered much, neither was my wife (since she uses her cell as well).

Yesterday I found, however, that when the rain came down, my DSL when with it as well. I honestly thought that that was a thing of the past; “water in the line” causing a reduction in service. I mean, after all these years, TSTT (Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago) cannot obtain the technology to waterproof their circuits.

Well this is not the first time this has happened. It took them four days last time to fix it, let’s see how long they take this time.


  1. Hey, calm down. On the good side at least you have family, friends,rum and a cook to look forward to . I live in new york and work, pay bills and look forward to work again. Smell the roses.

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