No Courtesy!

My wife always say that I am inconsiderate, that I only think of myself (I don’t believe that, but why would I think otherwise). However, I know that there are fuckers out there, who not only doesn’t give a fuck about others, but go out of the way to show you that.

Take yesterday, I am at the Morvant traffic lights waiting to turn right so I am waiting for an ease in the oncoming traffic. For those who don’t know, in Trinidad we drive on the left, so turning right means that I am facing oncoming traffic. There were a couple cars before me who went through, but as I reached, there were cars approaching, so I stopped and waited. Lo and Behold, there was this jackass behind me blowing his horn and gesticulating for me to go through, and then trying to get to the side of me to overtake (at a fucking traffic light). I am thinking, this motherfucker must be an asshole… I was to be proven right.

I got a chance before he could come to the side of me and drove off. As I waited at the other traffic light, he comes to the side of me and I can see him again gesticulating at me, so I wind down my window, and indicate that he winds down his (the idiot felt he could speak through glass). He proceeds to speak, what appeared to be the limited vocabulary he knows, saying that I can’t drive. We I repeated a few of his words as well, since I did not think that he ma understand words greater than four letters long. I had half-a-mind to come out and get the piece of iron pipe from my trunk, but I am far more rational than that… for now.

Well anyway the lights changed and I drove off to my meeting, but still pissed by it all that I forgot to get his license plate. I don’t know what I would do if I did get it, I mean, what could happen. This is not the first time that a cunt-hole driver got in my face, but the second. I don’t know what will happen on the third, but I hope I don’t snap (and that my wife is in the car).

I should not expect anything to get better. It is abundantly clear by now that the roads in Trinidad is being overtaken by Road Hogs, assholes, “PH” drivers (illegally plying private cars for hire) and all over cunt-pricks. There is a general lack of courtesy, consideration and all-round intelligent on the nation’s roadways. Is it any wonder that people overtake on shoulders, break traffic lights and major roads and speed!

We cannot become a developed nation until we get these backward people off the fucking planet (not even the country). People are trying to make the roads a better place, but until we get these “nice folks” off the roads, we are fucked.

As far as I see it, there is no courtesy… no fucking courtesy.

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