The results are in!

Well the elections are finally over and the results are in.

  • PNM – 26
  • UNC – 15
  • COP – 0

Not the results I would have hoped for, but now we have to live with it. I would have hoped for the COP to win at least one seat. Winston Dookeran in is speech last night said that:

“Clearly, from the disappointing results we have seen, the country is not ready for the change which we offered. We still believe our change will one day become a reality for our people.”

He is right. It was the belief that there are many more educated people out there, but educated does not necessarily imply intelligent.

So now we have five more years of the PNM. Five more long years of mad spending, mismanagement, inefficiency and arrogance of a party that will force something down our throats regardless of whether we want it or not (anyone for an aluminum smelter?).

One thing that I am sure of, is that I am never voting for a Panday led UNC ever! He speech last night left me disgusted. The pure hate and venom that he spat out just shows what type of person he is. He can never again be leader of this country. Fuck, I don’t even want him to be leader of the Opposition.

I don’t know when the people of this country will wake up and realise that we need good governance.

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