Archives for November 19, 2007

Bloody Murder

The headline of today’s Trinidad Express reads “Tortured”. It seems like the murders are getting more gruesome by the day, if it isn’t one then its another or another. It’s not only that the respect for human life is gone, but also the respect for the law. The criminals know that they can do their evil acts and get away with it.

So what do we do now. The fact is, the police service is impotent, and the government does not believe that crime is an issue to be dealt with. In fact, the PNM did not see this fit to address during the elections, far less that after winning the thing. The mere fact that they brought back Martin Joseph is testament to that.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Edmund Burke

But I will admit that crime is not just a governmental issue… it is a societal one and we really need to look at ourselves and wonder what can we do. It is frightening I know, because I myself have seen someone robbed, and while I could not have done anything at the time (since I really didn’t know what was happening), I could have pursued, but I will admit I was afraid, and also no one else was looking like they were going to help anyway. But we need to get over this fear and fight the evil that stalks the land… for the sake of the nation and for our families.