In Loving Memory of Pa

Pinjare Ke Panchhi Re, Tera Dadr Na Jaane Koe (2)

Kaha Na Sake Tu, Apani Kahani
Teri Bhi Panchhee, Kya Zindagaani Re
Vidhi Ne Teri Katha Likhi Aansu Mein Kalam Duboe
Tera Dard …

Chupake Chupake, Rone Vaale
Rakhana Chhupaake, Dil Ke Chhale Re
Ye Patthar Ka Desh Hain Pagale, Yahaan Koi Na Tera Hoy
Tera Dard …


The bird in the cage, no one knows your pain
You can not say, your story
Yours also, oh bird, what kind of life you lead
The Lord wrote your story by dipping the pen in tears
No one knows your pain

Silently silently, the crying one
Keep hidden, the lie of the heart
This country is of stone, oh crazy one, there is no one of yours
No one knows your pain

Pinjre Ke Panchhi Re – Naag Mani(1957)
Singer – Kavi Pradeep

My grandfather used to sing this song all the time. Well he used to sing a lot of songs, but this is one that I mostly remember. Sadly, he passed away shortly after the 80th birthday. He said that he wouldn’t live to see 81, but almost every year for the past 20 or so years he would always think it would be the last. I just so happens he was right this time.

Although Pa used to drive people crazy with his antics, I will surely miss him. Hope he’s somewhere where everyone appreciates his singing.

Munmun Parsan
Sunrise: 26th August 1929
Sunset: 10th September 2009


  1. eyens:

    well, the person who least appreciated his singing now does the most of his favourites…wat ah ting!

  2. Sangeeta:

    Think how lucky you all were to hear him sing. Being judged unfairly I was not so lucky.

  3. karmini parsan:

    most people who knew him would know the type of person he really was, rough on the outside but soft and caring on the inside. judged unfairly, he was quick to forgive and forget. very few can step into his shoes

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