November 5th is E-Day!

After spending months in the back pocket of Prime Minister Manning (probably next to a dried up, unused condom pack), the country’s general election day has finally be announced as November 5th. About fucking time; I half expected that it would have been next year, but I’m glad it is sooner than that.

The question now is, who is going to win. I am leaning to the COP (also know as ‘the congress’), which, as the new party can hopefully offer something new. New isn’t necessarily better, however, given the other choices – PNM and UNC – I will take my chances.

My only peeve with COP is that they keep preaching about ‘new politics’, however, they are using the same old tactics – mud slinging. The opposition parties only giving one reason to vote for them – to get the PNM out – and as such just attacking them on every little fucking thing. What difference will you make? What are your policies? What are your opinions on the current issues of security, health and education?

Answer those questions and then we will have a clear race.

COUPLE BEATEN TO DEATH – Toddlers crawl around slain grandparents

Crime in Trinidad and Tobago has gotten out of hand. Bandit kill grandparents during robbery.

Everyday things are getting worst. I wish that there did not exist stories like this, but there are.

We as a people have to stand up and unite against these atrocities that take place against other human beings. I say bring back the death penalty, not that it would detract crime, but it’s justice, and justice must be served.

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Freedom of Speech Under Threat!

So on Thursday 25th and Friday 26th January 2006, Inshan Ishmael, attempted to get the country to unite against crime and the state of the country and shutdown all business and agencies. With little support from all sectors it could hardly be called a success. Even the rally at HCU conference centre was poorly attended in my opinion (about 3000 people).

Even with the arrest of Ishmael on Wednesday night by a contingent of police officers people have not risen up in protest to the action. Police said that he was being arrested in accordant to the Anti-Terrorism Act; however, he was later charged with a misdemeanor (Handbill Act, for failing to publish the printers name on the bill!). It is not the first time Ishmael was arrested; he was arrested back in April 2005 for insulting a police officer during a protest in Bamboo settlement No. 2.
The Government has released a statement yesterday to “reiterate its commitment to the democratic principles enshrined in Trinidad and Tobago’s Constitution, which emphatically provide for freedom of expression and freedom of assembly”. Bullshit if I ever heard more.

Ishmael has since then threatened to shut down the country for seven days. I cannot see this happening since he was unable to do so for two days, but hopefully the others in the country can take a united stand this time and finally do something.

Read the interview “Baboon Hunter” with Inshan Ishmael by B.C. Pires here.

Real Sorry State

In the papers today the headline reads “A BLOODY WARNING“. An entire family is gunned down including a Woman Police Officer. Suddenly the Police Commissioner, Trevor Paul, declares war on criminals; WTF was he doing all the time when the rest of the population was suffering and being attacked.

There are calls for a country-wide shutdown, but there seems to be little support. Big businesses are not supporting it (less money for them) with both the Chamber of Commerce and TTMA saying that it is business as usual and this form of action is not acceptable. The COC and TTMA says that they are working with law enforcement and the government to help alleviate crime. Let me ask, has that helped? All they do is talk and talk.

I say it is time for action, some real action. I too don’t believe that shutting down the country would help, besides I think it is more politically motivated than anything. We need something that would affect them politicians themselves. I say let we stop paying taxes, everybody. If we doh work, ent we doh get pay, so why we paying dem.

The next step is some serious civil disobedience, but let we not go there yet.